Certified Ableton Trainer

Will Doggett

Will Doggett is an Ableton Live Certified Trainer and the Founder of From Studio to Stage, an online resource dedicated to teaching people how to learn to perform with Ableton Live on stage.
He’s passionate about making complex things simple and has been teaching others to use Ableton Live as a tool for Leading Worship since 2008. He has served the church in many roles as Worship Leader, Music Director, Creative Director, and Production Director.

From Studio to Stage is an online community that helps you learn to perform like the pros with Ableton Live. Learn to use Ableton Live as a tool for leading worship to run tracks, and control your lyrics video and lights.


When you subscribe you get access to over 25 courses,exclusive training content, a monthly call just for subscribers, and a private community. 


You don’t have to try and figure this out on your own. Save yourself time and money, and learn how to lead worship with Ableton Live in an efficient, stable, and flexible way with From Studio to Stage.