The Technical Training Edition

February, 11th, 2022

The Worship Summit is open to all faiths.

Catch up on last years Summit below.

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  • 11:00AM EST 8:00AM PST PRESHOW - Live from Mexico City!

    Just relax, it’s a historic tour of Mexico Cities top churches with Urbanist. This is just the pre-show, so settle in and get ready for an awesome day of technical training.

  • 12:00PM EST - 9:00AM PST WELCOME w/ Paul & Tess

    Wecome to Worship Summit Live. A quick message from our show hosts will kick off this event.

  • 12:20 PM EST 9:00 AM PST The Technology That Transforms Worship

    Leo Mindel will share the various transformations of the technology used at The Ark Synagogue.

  • 12:25PM EST - 9:25AM PST Nate Anderson on Common Streaming Issues

    Nate Anderson is from Resi and knows a thing or two about live streaming for worship services.

  • 12:40 PM EST 9:40 AM PST Monte Weaver Presents on Streaming Trends

    Monte Weaver is a well-known technology enthusiast online. Monte will talk about streaming trends and breakthroughs that are now available.

  • 12:55 PM EST 9:55AM PST AJay Holmes on Simple Streaming Setups

    AJay is going to review some simple streaming setups, to share the differences between basics and advanced live streaming systems.

  • 1:10PM EST - 10:10AM PST Building a Streaming Studio for Worship Leaders

    Michael Upshaw shows two beautiful studios built for worship leaders to make video content and share the message of God.

  • 1:35 PM EST 10:35AM PST Live Stream Analytics - What to track so you know your live show is working

    Owen knows how to engage an online community. It’s his job and it’s what he does best. Let’s see how to use online engagement for online worship and what to track so you know your live show is working

  • 2:00PM EST - 11:40AM PST Solution Architecture Systems Small to Large with Paul Richards

    Paul Richards covers systems small and large with a focus on the technical implementation. This presentation will cover:

    1. Image Magnification
    2. PTZ camera and Multi-Camera products
    3. Camera Color Matching
    4. Multi ways of video ingestion

  • 2:40PM EST 11:40AM PST Making Common Issues Uncommon with Emmy Award Winner Jeff Fitzgerald

    Jeffrey Fitzgerald knows a thing or two about common issues for streaming worship. But these common issues don’t have to keep coming up. This session is all about improving your workflow to weed at technical issues at their root casuses.

  • 3:00PM EST - 12:20PM PST Livestreaming with EasyWorship

    Looking to level up your livestream? We’ll be walking through the newest, game-changing features from EasyWorship and showing you how to make your streaming setup more robust and creative.

  • 3:20PM EST 12:40PM PST How to host a community-driven talk show for local outreach

    Bill Tenny-Britain is back! Somehow we have asked him to focus on the technical side worship and Bill has been hard at work transforming his setup like the rest of us! Hear from a pastor who put in the extra efforts, and learn from his mistakes!

  • 3:20PM EST 12:20PM PST How to optimize your live stream even when volunteers are operating OBS

    How to optimize your live stream even when volunteers are operating OBS with Stephen Ballast.

  • 4:00PM EST 1:00PM PST Adjusting the Thermostat — How to stay cool when the heat of ministry, technology and gear overwhelms you

    “Adjusting the Thermostat” — How to stay cool when the heat of ministry, technology and gear overwhelms you with Greg Terry.

  • 4:20PM EST 1:20PM PST Keynote: Seth Haberman

    Keynote: Seth Haberman



Win an Auto-Tracking camera for your church!

Seth Haberman


And the survey says...

  • Technical Track
  • Leadership Track
  • Professional Development

You asked and we listened!

  • More Technical Coaching – Worship Summit 4.0 is chock-full of technical training.
  • More Behind The Scenes – We have asked our Top Worship Bands to Provide Behind The Scenes Videos
  • Live Church Tours – You enjoyed the live church tech-tours. This year, were taking things even further.

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, from 12 to 5 p.m. (ET), Worship Summit Live 6 will feature the latest technologies for worship streaming. Speakers will demonstrate the best practices for recording and live streaming worship celebrations. Attendees can view technical sessions at Worship Summit Live for free, as well as access a separate networking and collaboration post-Summit meeting the following day, May 21. That Zoom meeting will be held Friday, May 21, from 1 to 3 p.m. ET, with tickets for access only $5. 

Technical Training for

Worship Leaders

Learn  ⇨  Engage   ⇨   Get Results

This Summit is for leaders in the worship community who want to grow personally and professionally. This is a thought-leader forum designed for leaders who are enhancing their worship ministry capabilities


Ajay Holmes

AJaytheCEO | Owner of TechnoBabble, LLC

AJay has been in church his entire life and has served in multiple positions including usher

Read More

Leo Mindel

Leo has been delivering live online events for Jewish organisations for over 10 years,

Read More

Nate Anderson

Marketing Director, Read More

Jared Warren

EasyWorship - Support and Communications Manager

Jared joined EasyWorship last October as the Support and Communications Manager.

Read More

Monte Weaver

Valet Media

With over 25-years of technology experience in church ministry, Monte Weaver has seen a lot. From the days of transparent song sheets for overhead projectors,

Read More

Jeffrey Fitzgerald

Jeff is an Emmy award-wining producer and expert live production specialist.

Read More

Greg Terry


Pastor Greg Terry is an International Evangelist, Worship Leader and Bible teacher.

Read More

Stephen Heywood

Broadcast Engineer at PTZOptics

Stephen Heywood has been a broadcaster for almost 15 years, has been in full-time ministry as an assistant pastor for 20 years. He’s been broadcasting from his home studio

Read More

Bill Tenny-Brittian

Author & Keynote Speaker

Bill is the co-author of Dinosaurs to Rabbits the sequel to the famous “Dancing with Dinosaurs” book. He began ministry as a church planter in the early 1980s

Read More
Owen Hemsath

Owen Hemsath

Halftime Show Host - Downtown Worship Live

Owen will be our MC for the Worship Summit half time show. Downtown Worship Live will be performing some amazing Christian music from his garage studio in San Diego, California.

Read More
Michael Upshaw

Michael Upshaw

President of LifeStream TV

Michael began a career in the telecommunications industry after he was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps. His expertise spanned from analog transmission to robust digital content delivery

Read More

Stephen Ballast

CEO Ballast Media

Stephen Ballast from Ballast Media has been helping churches with Worship Technology Solutions for years. We are honored to have Steven with us for Worship Summit 2.0!

Read More

Dan Willard

Training Specialist (EasyWorship)

Dan Willard has been helping EasyWorship customers troubleshoot since 2006. He is head of all things training and teaches a weekly webinar which helps EasyWorship newbies look like pros.

Read More

You asked and we listened.

To facilitate collaboration and idea exchange with our speakers we are creating more time in our Zoom breakout sessions.
Technical Training
We have a special emphasis on technical training for live streaming in this year’s Worship Summit.
Behind the Scenes
You asked to see behind the scenes content. So we went out and captured behind the scenes footage from many churches across the world.

Who should attend?

Church Media Teams & Volunteers

We are living in a digital age. There are so many tools to help your church communicate with your community. That is why we are bringing together some of the top minds in church production together including Jake Gosselin, Dave Dolphin, Will Dogget, and Tom Sinclair. With FacebookYouTubeTwitter, and Twitch all offering live streaming… the social communication implications are wide-reaching. If you’re interested in spreading the message of god with modern online tools… This is the event for you.


Two words: Interactivity & Engagement. Live streaming is interactive, and it’s your opportunity to engage with online audiences and create a lasting impression that could one day lead to the front doors of your church. Live streaming is quite literally changing the way online services are being delivered. Uncovering the power of live streaming can connect your church with members who are on vacation, shut-ins who cannot physically make it, and new generations of younger folk. At the Worship Summit Live, you will gain strategies from top industry leaders. Virtual and in-person attendees can participate in live demonstrations, and join break-out sessions and get in-depth information from a host of expert panelists.

Creative Minds Come Alive

Live streaming is perhaps the latest new trend in online communications. Learning how to harness these capabilities can streamline your church’s community outreach possibilities. Maybe your churches Pastor wants to start his own live show. Perhaps you have an online community ready to help share your message. The power of live streaming on social media can reach into places you can only imagine.

Church Production Crews & Volunteers

Live video production isn’t easy. That’s the truth. You have to create a plan, implement it, and produce engaging content that holds your audience’s attention. This summit will prepare your team with forward-thinking plans of action that can lead the way.

You can accelerate your church’s interaction with online audiences and create lasting connections with your church’s message with viewers. These interactions help build your community both online and in church.

We’ve discovered during COVID that our community is much larger and more far-flung than we ever knew, so we feel the need to keep everyone included…Michael Begeman, The Church of Conscious Harmony, in Austin, Texas

Engage with technical training sessions and collaboration with colleague from around the world.

Learn  ⇨  Engage ⇨ Connect

Take the free Worship Course on Udemy and share it with your team. Let your team become more familiar with live streaming technology with this comprehensive online course here.

Come for a full day of Education and a surprising amount of Inspiration!

Why you are going to love it:

  • Focused on Professional Development
  • Timely Keynote Presentations
  • Q&A Zoom Session
  • Behind the Scenes Videos
  • More Worship Music!

Worship Summit Live is a full day of church production education. This Digital Summit is an online gathering of emerging thought leaders pushing all focusing on technologies for worship. Join like-minded individuals who share a passion for spreading the message of God in local and online communities.

Learn how to connect with members of your church who are shut-in or unable to attend on Sunday.

Get your free copy of “Helping Your Church Live Stream” before the Summit!


Watch Worship Summit 5


The world needs strong leaders. Let’s learn how to share traditional values in the digital age.

Worship Summit Live is all about the connections your church can make. This event is a celebration of the opportunities made by live streaming.

Come for a day of collaboration, and Q&A with the experts speaking on a number of timely topics. This summit is the best way to jump start your church’s communications outreach and audiovisual team goals.

Chat with over 4,000 churches who are already live streaming in our free Facebook Group Here.

Worship Summit is now 2 days! Day 1: Live Event. Day 2: Zoom Breakout Sessions

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