Pastor & Coach

John Finkelde

John Finkelde pastored at C3 Church Hepburn Heights in Perth Australia for 30 years.

In 2012 John launched Grow a Healthy Church, a consulting and coaching ministry for churches and pastors around the globe. Since then John has conducted over 150 consults in 10 different movements in Australia, NZ, UK and Europe.

John has two aims when consulting with a church.
1. Clarity – John brings clear and proven next steps that will improve
the church’s health.
2. Boost – John understands the pressures of pastoring and seeks to
boost the hope and courage of church leaders.

John has been married to Dianne for 43 years, with two married children and four glorious grandsons. In his spare time John loves shooting things (photography that is), thrashing around in the surf, playing his guitar and watching sport.

John has written 6 books, has an MA (Lead) and a Diploma in Professional Coaching.