President of LifeStream TV

Michael Upshaw

Michael began a career in the telecommunications industry after he was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps. His expertise spanned from analog transmission to robust digital content delivery and content management procedures. This also crossed boundaries into sales and services. In 2005, he left the telecommunications industry and accepted a job offer with Streaming Faith as an Account Executive. This is where he learned about the developing industry of live video streaming on the World Wide Web and how ministry could benefit from the use of this technology. Soon after, Michael was invited to join LifeStream TV and Omnimediacast, where he has learned the high-energy cycle of complex computing of decoding, encoding, transcoding, delivery and overall system management to include Cloud storage and delivery methods. Michael and his team has maximized virtually every tool available in order to deliver superior solutions as a CDN. Enjoying the rigors and high learning curve that the industry affords, Michael is determined to be a part of the advancement of both hardware and software solutions in the streaming industry. Today, he is the President and Co-owner of where his passion for technology aligns with his calling as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has learned and continues to learn what it takes to deliver pure-quality video streaming that viewers can truly enjoy. His vast industry knowledge, proficiency and tenacity has heavily influenced the video delivery industry.