Senior Pastor of The Church in Norcross, GA

Jasper Williams III

Some would say our pastor has always been a preacher. In fact, Pastor Jasper is a fourth generation preacher that answered the call to serve God at the young age of nine.

As the founder and Senior Pastor of The Church in Norcross, GA, he empowers people weekly to walk toward personal progress in being what God has called them to be. Pastor Jasper believes in conveying the Word using a creative, memorable blend of teaching and preaching (which he affectionately refers to as “treaching”).

Having earned his Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he maintains a solid faithfulness to his obligation as a Biblicist, but is not afraid to embrace and apply fresh truth. He pushes people to develop personal relationships with God and to not allow religious doctrine or tradition to hinder their growth potential.

With a passion for people, he joins others “in the trenches,” looking for opportunities to empower individuals by showing them how weaving Kingdom principles together produces measurable, verifiable and sustained change. He believes the worship experience should be about establishing a vertical relationship with Christ and when we do that, the horizontal relationships we have with others fall into place. And for him, there is absolutely nothing more important than success at home! He accomplishes his call to serve with his wife Alecia, and 2 children Jordan Alyse and Jasper IV.