A few months ago, one of the leaders asked me to speak to a group of worship interns. Well, I agreed and made a list of things that every worship leader wishes his pastor knew. These things are as follows:

How to Respond in Worship?

Well, the first thing that our posters need to know is to teach us how to respond to WorshipWorship. You will also get the chance to hear such words in Worship Summit 2.0. However, one of the easy ways to respond to God in WorshipWorship is my gripe about the people.

The important thing is to teach the right way to worship as the Bible also commands the posture of WorshipWorship. So, as a leader, it is part of your job and taught them the posture of WorshipWorship as a leader. The right way that we see through scripture.

The Posture Guides the Heart

Do you know that more than 70% of our communication is nonverbal? It is a reality that we talk about our feelings without uttering a single word. The Bible says, “Shout.” Our hearts often guide our posture in WorshipWorship, but it is equally valid that our posture governs our hearts. Well, people do not want to be inauthentic, and it is not the right way.

People Need Pastor, Not Performer

Well, you should not sing poorly intentionally. Most of the preachers speak poorly because they intend to do this. You are going in front of people to sing. You also need to mingle with people after singing. As a worship leader, you need to lead them.

Tell Him What You Want to Do

It is essential to talk with your pastor. You should tell him why you want to sing a certain song. Also, share your goals with him and tell him what you want to achieve. If your pastor agrees with you, then it will be easy for you to manage the stage.

Try to Take The Audience Mood into Consideration

You need to keep in mind that you are a preacher, not a performer. However, you should not ignore the artistic side of WorshipWorship. You are going to sing on the stage, so ignore them if they leave after three soft songs. That is why; most of us start with an upbeat song. Because we do not want to change their mood. But still, you should consider their mood while choosing the songs.

No Embarrassing Things

Another thing that you keep in mind is not to speak embarrassing things. Well, as a worship leader, you often feel the pride to speak in front of the public. But you need to be smart and avoid saying things that can embarrass the people. It is better to write about the things that you want to say.

Read the Moment

Well, this thing is also right for the worship set. Whether you are going to talk in a church or Worship Summit 2.0, you need to make a plan. Maybe you planned a song and then saw that it does not fit then change it. So, always have the flexibility to change the plans. You also need to focus on reading the moment. Most of the worship leaders come and sing one song and then come again, in the end, to sing another song at the end. However, you need to be there all the time not for just singing the songs.

Guard the time for preaching

I am also a preacher, so I understand this term. As a preacher, I am always ready to get some words of wisdom from the worship leader. The speaking of the world is different, and that is why we come to church to hear the words of God.

Do Not Ask the Pastor

One of the things that leaders ask is precisely what the sermon will be. So, they can arrange WorshipWorship around it. As a worship leader, you need to focus on communication at the end. It is always better to talk at the end of every sermon. I also try to do the same.

That’s all I want to say right now. Furthermore, do not forget to participate in the Worship Summit 2.0.

Author – Justfari