I wanted to quickly the Worship Summit Schedule and Conference Login info.
As you can see, we are kicking it off with Dr. Barry Hill the author of Mixing for God. His book along with Helping Your Church Live Stream is a great addition to any church production area.
Then we follow up with Tom Sinclair from the Streaming Idiots. He has a decent following and we will transition from his topic of “Church Production Technology” to a customer the Good Shepard Lutheran Church who will demonstrate their video production system live.
This will be followed by a list of Church Production Influencers, Dave Dolphin (the practical pastor), Will Dogget (From Studio to Stage) and Jake Gosselin (ChurchFront). These fine gentlemen will be discussing technology tools for the modern church, Ableton live for churches and tips for worship leaders small and large.
We end things with EasyWorship and VideoGuys. And a final thank you. The entire time you can see their will be Zoom Breakout Sessions. These are sessions that run outside of the live stream track where viewers can ask presenters questions one on one.
10:00 AM PAUL & TESS Summit Kick Off Breakout Sessions Start
10:15 AM BARRY HILL Audio for Church Production Breakout Sessions Open
11:00 AM TOM SINCLAIR Church Production Technology Breakout Session with Dr. Barry Hill
11:45 AM ALLAN BLUNT Good Shepard Lutheran – Live Production System Tour Breakout Session with Tom Sinclair
12:30 PM DAVE DOLPHIN Technology Tools for the Modern Church Breakout Session with Allan Blunt
1:15 PM WILL DOGGETT Ableton Live from Studio to Stage Breakout Session with Dave Dolphin
2:00 PM JAKE GOSSELIN Tips for Worship Leaders Small and Large Breakout Session with Will Doggett
2:45 PM SETH HABERMAN The Digital Pastor on Online Streaming Technology Breakout Session with Jake Gosselin
3:30 PM EASY WORSHIP A review of Worship Presentation Software Breakout Session with Seth Haberman
4:15 PM VIDEOGUYS Working with Volunteers and Tech Gear Breakout Session with EasyWorship
5:00 PM PAUL & TESS FINAL THANK YOU Breakout Session with the VideoGuys
5:15 PM PAUL & TESS FINAL THANK YOU Breakout Session with Everyone including Paul & Tess

You can click on the Google Calendar link below to sign up and join the Breakout Sessions.